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What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Whiskey Every Night?

Let's talk about whiskey. There are countless popular country songs written about it, and the popularity of this drink is only continuing to grow. If you choose a sip of whiskey as your nightcap, here's what happens to your body when you drink it every night. Everyone is completely different when it comes to what flavors and types of alcohol they prefer, and whiskey is definitely one that appeals to a certain set of taste buds. However, a person's genetic makeup has a major impact on how whiskey affects their body as well. For one, whiskey is usually thought of as more of a "man's drink." Fortunately, Jim Beam has been at the forefront of changing this perception, as actress Mila Kunis has endorsed the company's whiskey in their commercials. Interestingly, science suggests that women are better at taste-testing whiskey than men are, a skill that Forbes credits to their more heightened sense of smell. So go ahead, enjoy that whiskey. Keep watching to learn What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Whiskey Every Night!

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