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Whisky Milroy's of Soho Set 4 bottles x 70cl

Springbank 28 year 1992 - 50.9%

Ben Nevis 25 year 1996 - 47.6%

Clynelish 23 year 1997 - 53.6%

Vintage Reserve 40 year Vetted 43.2%

Milroys of Soho is a legendary bottle shop located on Greek Street in London. The store was foundered by John & Mary Milroy in 1964, but it was not until John's brother Wallace joined the company four years later that their focus on whisky was to catch up with their interest in wine. In that year alone, their single malt catalogue increased from just three to well over 30. Their dedication to this unfashionable style of whisky (at the time) continues to be rewarded today, with the Greek Street store still a cornerstone of London's whisky world.

Whisky Milroy's of Soho Set 4 bottles x 70cl

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