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Moon Import was founded by Pepi Mongiardino in 1980 and he bottled his first whisky in 1982. Always beautifully labelled, Pepi is acclaimed for designing the packaging for Moon Import bottles himself, often using images found in old books. These iconic designs, coupled with the quality of the liquid saw Moon Import steadily grow in popularity. The company is still going strong, and their early releases are some of the brightest gems in any whisky collection.

Bottled in 2015, this is a 35th anniversary release and part of the Lawless series. This is a blend of single malts from the Highlands and Islay, the youngest of which was distilled in 2006.


This Blended is 99% Laphroaig

Whisky Highland & Islay Blended Malt 2006 Moon Import 35th Anniversary / Lawless

€ 250,00 Prezzo regolare
€ 187,50Prezzo scontato
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