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Caol Ila 1983 Cask Strength 30 Year Old

A Diageo Special Release bottling of Caol Ila from 2014, this is well-aged at 30 years old and bottled at cask strength.

Caol Ila distillery was built in 1846 by Hector Henderson, who was bought out from the venture a little over 10 year later by Bulloch Lade. The blending firm merged with DCL (now Diageo) in 1927, who still run the distillery today. In 1972 the original site was demolished and replaced by a new one. When distilling resumed in 1974, Caol Ila was the largest producer of single malt on the Isle of Islay. Despite this, due to its importance in popular blends such as Johnnie Walker, its single malt brand disappeared under United Distillers, and it was not until 2002 that it would return, when the 12 year old was revived by Diageo. The Flora & Fauna release was well-regarded in the meantime, but it was independent releases like this that gave the best opportunity to sample this much-loved single malt.


Whisky Caol Ila 1983 Cask Strength 30 Year Old Diageo

€ 650,00Prezzo
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