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A Jamaican rum from the Forsyth's pot still at Worthy Park distillery. Distilled in 2008 and bottled at 10 years old.

The Thompson Brothers began their whisky bottling in enterprise in 2013, establishing the Black Isle Whisky Company in their native Dornoch. The brothers, Simon and Philip, renamed the operation as the Dornoch Distilling Company in 2015, opening the Dornoch distillery the following year. In addition to distilling their own whisky, their independent bottlings continue to flourish, with many exceptional tasting and fantastically labelled single malts and rums released under the Thompson Bros banner.

One of 245 bottles, labelled with artwork by Kate Guthrie.

Rum Worthy Park 2008 Thompson Brothers 10 Year Old

€ 85,00Prezzo
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