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1 of Rum Demerara Diamond 2002 Silver Seal 17 Year Old 70cl

1 of Rum Demerara Uitvlugt 1989 Silver Seal 30 Year Old 70cl

1 of Rum Jamaica Clarendon 1984 Silver Seal 36 Year Old 70cl

1 of Rum Nicaragua Rum 1998 Silver Seal 21 Year Old 70cl

1 of Rum Haiti Barbancourt 2004 Silver Seal 15 Year Old 70cl

1 of Rum Barbados WIRD 1986 Silver Seal 33 Year Old 150cl


Silver Seal was founded by Ernesto Mainardi in 2000. This was Mainardi's second bottling company after the esteemed Sestane in 1979. Both companies were sold to Massimo Righi, proprietor of Whisky Antique, in 2010. Since then the company has produced a steady stream of high-quality rum to add to its sought after back-catalogue.

Rum SET of 6 bottles Silver Seal Rum 2020 Edition (See description)

€ 7.500,00Prezzo
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