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2 Bottles of Rhum Rhum Liberation 2020 Version Integrale 58% & Normal Version 45%


PMG is the brainchild of Italian master grappa-distiller, Vittorio Capovilla. An agricole rum, it is produced on a bespoke Bain-Marie pot still specially designed by Capovilla and built and installed at Bielle distillery in Guadeloupe by Andreas Muller. The rum is bottled and distributed by legendary Italian company, Velier, who's CEO, Luca Gargano, assisted in selecting Bielle as the ideal location for the home of the Rhum Rhum brand.

Aged in burgundy casks, this rum was "liberated" from cask in 2020.

Rum Rhum Liberation 2020 Version Integrale 58% + Version 45% (2 x 70cl)

€ 800,00Prezzo
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