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Hampden Estate The 8 Marks Collection 2022 Release

The Hampden Estate was founded in 1753 by a Scotsman called Archibald Sterling, in the Queen of Spain valley of Jamaica’s Trelawny parish. For 250 years it remained family owned, selling rum to third-party blenders and independent bottlers. Mismanagement however meant that by 2003 it was in financial trouble, with the Jamaican government stepping in to assume ownership and some of its debt in order to preserve the jobs of its employees. They sold it in 2009 to the Hussey family’s Everglades Farms, who as first point of business began laying down the casks that would eventually become the first Hampden Estate labelled official bottling of the distillery’s rum, launched in collaboration with Velier in 2018. Famed for its heavy, ester-driven style, Hampden is joined by Worthy Park as the only two Jamaican distilleries that produce exclusively pure single rums (using only pot stills). It currently has four pot stills: two from Forsyths in Scotland, one from Vendome in Kentucky, and another from T&T Engineering in South Africa.

Bearing the name of the family residence built in 1753, Great House wonderfully embodies Hampden’s exuberant and eminently Jamaican style. This was bottled by Velier for sale at the distillery and special events around the world.

This Collection Contains:

Outram Wormald Hussey

Lawrence Francis Colse Hussey

Light Rum Owen Kelly

Hampden Light Continental Flavoured

Diamond H

Hampden George MacFarquhar Lawson

C Diamond H

Dermot Owen Kelly-Lawson

Each of them were bottled in 2022.

Rum Hampden Estate The 8 Marks Collection 2022 Release

€ 200,00Prezzo
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