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Diamond and Port Mourant <W>PM 1999 Velier 15 Year Old Blended in the Barrel

Velier was founded by Casimir Chaix in Genoa in 1947 as a wine and spirits importer and distributor. By the 1980s they were still a small family-company with less than ten staff. This all changed in 1986 when it was purchased by Luca Gargano, a former brand ambassador for Saint James who was at the time still in his twenties. Under his direction, they selected their first single cask whiskies in 1992, and their first rum in 1996. In the decades that followed, Velier have gone on to become one of the most collectible brands in the industry, and Gargano has positioned them as the one of the foremost authorities and bottlers of rum anywhere in the world.

Velier's earliest Demerara releases were bottled in 1996, laying the groundwork for what would later become affectionately known as the "Age of Velier's Demerara." This began in earnest in 2004, after Gargano was invited to the Demerara Distillers Ltd warehouses in Guyana to select tropically aged barrels to be bottled by Velier for the first time. The "age" only lasted until 2014, but has an enduring legacy of having indelibly raised the profile of the historic rum stills and marque's of Guyana, which have become some of the most sought after in the world, these Velier releases in particular.

This is one of a number of experimental Blended in the Barrel releases that were part of the final 2014 outturn. The reception to them encouraged DDL to distil and bottle these again, this time under their own El Dorado label in 2019.

Distilled 1999 and bottled July 2014, it contains rum from the Diamond two-column metal coffey stills, and the Port Mourant double wooden pot still in its final year at Uitvlugt.

One of 1,148 bottles. 

Rum Diamond and Port Mourant <W>PM 1999 Velier 15 Year Old

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