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Joy Spence joined Appleton Estate, the oldest premium Rum maker, back in 1981, and became the world's first female master distiller. When Joy celebrated two decades at Appleton, she decided to create a lavish and rare blend to celebrate the occasion. And she decided to do it guns blazin': with a 25-year-old expression that defies labels and categories. She used two Rum marques that bear special emotional significance. One was laid down to age back in the fateful year when Under Pressure rocked the charts; and the second is her favorite brand. It's an apogee of Joy's spirit of invention and dedication.

For Joy, Rum isn't just a vital part of a buccaneer's gear, but a sophisticated and complex Spirit that is gaining fans from Kingston to London. The lavish golden elixir is a celebration and a statement of Joy's superhuman senses, her superior knowledge, and her larger-than-life character.

Rum Appleton Estate Joy 25 years

€ 450,00Prezzo
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