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The distillery is located in the municipality of Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, on the western border with Suriname, 253 kilometers from the capital Cayenne, in the best agricultural region of the country. The land includes 100 hectares of sugar cane fields. The harvest is done entirely by hand and in fact the rum is distilled from pure cane juice without any chemical additives and the production period is usually from August to December. Historically it is Georges Prevot who founded the Sucrerie Distillerie du Rorota in 1935 which produces sugar and rum. In 2012, "Rum Saint-Maurice" began a phase of modernization of its plants which currently produce 300,000 liters of pure alcohol and intends to reach the target of 500,000 liters.

Rhum Vieux Guyane La Cayennaise - St Maurice (0.5l)

€ 90,00Prezzo
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