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Each one of the three rums was distilled on the same day and matured in the same type of ex-bourbon casks. However, three very different warehouse locations were chosen to measure the effect of different temperatures and humidities.

  • Chai Vevert (#2) was subject to 82% Humidity, and a 25.5°C average temperature. Bottled at 56.8%
  • Chai Mainmain (#4) was subject to 77% Humidity, and a 27.7°C average temperature.5 Bottled at 4.1%
  • Chai Adrien (#5) was subject to 76% Humidity, and a 27.4°C average temperature.Bottled at 55.8%


This trio of ground-breaking Velier releases followed hot on the heels of the Appleton Estate Hearts Collection. That series was a first as it saw the inaugural independent bottling of 100% pot still rum from the esteemed Jamaican distillery, and this Chai Series is even more significant as the first independent bottling of Neisson. Jean Neisson's mother had apparently been strongly against the idea in the beginning, however was eventually won over by Gargano, and these were bottled in 2020.

Rhum Neisson 2016 Velier 4 Year Old Chai 3 x 70cl

€ 950,00Prezzo
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